About Us

About Us:

Baths and home furniture supplies.

MACRAL DESIGN CORP is dedicated to importing from Europe furniture and other products for

the bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining room. All of our products are designed and

manufactured in Spain by prestigious brand names that are well-known in the European and world


Our design lines are inspired by the most current trends in Modern, Contemporary, Traditional

and Eclectic styling.

MACRAL DESIGN specializes in products personalized to the client’s tastes, from the perspective of

visual design as well as size or color.

We provide a wide variety of products designed and manufactured in Europe under strict

standards of quality control.

Our Goal:

To achieve full customer satisfaction with products of high quality design and manufacture, at

reasonable prices and with strict adherence to delivery dates.

We do everything possible to adapt our quality-price relationship to the complete satisfaction of

our customers.


You can visit our website anonymously. In that event, we do not save any information about you.

What information do we save?

We save in our server the information you provide when you create your account on our website,

the orders you have placed and your participation in surveys or other activities on our website.

When you register with our website we ask for a first and last name, address, phone number and

email address.

As with other websites, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website as well as to

gather information about our visitors and their preferences within our website. Please see the

chapter below about “How we use cookies”.

How do we use your information?

All the information we gather about you during your registration and during your visit to our

website is used for the following purposes:

- To improve your experience on our website.

- To improve the services and products we offer on our website.

- If you choose to receive our newsletters and promotions, you will periodically receive

emails from us for this purpose. If you choose not to receive our newsletters and

promotions, you will not receive emails from us relating to newsletters or promotions.

How do we protect our clients’ information?

We have implemented several security measures in order to protect your personal information.

Access to your personal information is restricted to a limited number of employees within our

company who have access to confidential information.

Do we use cookies?

Cookies are small files that your service provider (if allowed) transfers to the hard drive of your

computer in order to recognize and record certain information. For example, we use cookies to understand your preferences

based on your navigation through our website or similar ones. Cookies also help us collect data

about the traffic on our website and the preferences of our visitors.

Can we reveal information we have about you to third parties?

MACRAL DESIGN CORP does not sell, loan, rent or transfer any information about our clients or

visitors to third parties.

Neither do we provide third parties with any unidentifiable information commonly used for

marketing, publicity or other uses.

Links to third parties:

In order to offer you high-quality service, you may see links to third parties web pages on our

website. We accept no responsibility for their web content or their policies and terms; however,

in order to protect the integrity of our website, we will follow up on any suggestions or complaints

about these links.

Questions and recommendations:

We will be happy to respond to any questions, comments and suggestions you may have about

our privacy policy. Please let us know.

Your consent:

In order to use our website, you are in agreement with our privacy policy.






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